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"The indices were a big positive ... responsive customer service"

I found Ontario Law Exam an excellent way to reduce stress and give me confidence before the exam.  The practice questions are enormously helpful and the indices were a big positive.   OLE has responsive customer service and was available to answer my questions and supported me through the licensing process.  I'd recommend OLE to all students writing the bar exams.

  - Kyle, University of Ottawa


"Ontario Law Exam was worth every single penny"

Ontario Law Exam was worth every single penny. At first I was hesitant because I thought the bar exams were costly enough on their own but then I decided I needed more than what was already at my disposal to feel ready for writing a 7 hour bar exam.

The Ontario Law Exam practice exams are an invaluable resource because they will help you figure out how you actually use the indices and materials in practice and not just in the abstract. Part of what you are paying for is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are not going in "cold turkey". You will feel much more at ease in the days leading up to the bar exam which will no doubt enhance your performance and cause your stress levels to plummet!

  - Saron, University of Ottawa


"I highly recommend signing up for Ontario Law Exam"

With Ontario Law Exam, not only did I learn how to integrate my indices, but I was also able to develop the ever-important skill of time management. The questions ranged in difficulty, covered the entire body of material and pressed me to use the skills necessary to pass the exam. I was also able to identify any weaknesses in my indices well before the taking of the actual exam.

I now feel prepared and confident to take on the Ontario bar exam. If you would like to evaluate how prepared you are for the Ontario bar exams, I highly recommend signing up for Ontario Law Exam.

  - Nick, Western Law


"(Ontario Law Exam) is filling a gap in the market"

Overall, I was very impressed with the product. It really is helpful to have a dry run using the index and materials instead of just reading and reading without ever practicing. (Ontario Law Exam) is filling a gap in the market.

   - Cody, UBC Law


"Ontario Law Exam is an indispensible tool for bar exam preparation"

I did the Ontario Law Exam exam a few days before the actual barrister exam. It was really helpful for practising using my index, pointing out weaknesses and solidying information.

Thanks to Ontario Law Exam, I was able to target my studying for the remainder of my study time, and felt much more comfortable going into test day. To me, Ontario Law Exam is an indispensible tool for bar exam preparation. There's no question I will be registering for the solicitor exam. 

  - Jamie, Osgoode Hall


"(taking) a practice exam made me feel more prepared and more at ease for the real thing"

The bar exam is the kind of test where practice is important. Ontario Law Exam’s practice exam helped with my timing and tested my ability to navigate my index and the bar materials.   

I was very glad to have been able to go through questions similar to what I experienced on test day. Being able to take a practice exam made me feel more prepared and more at ease for the real thing.

  - Justin, Queen's Law