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2018 INDICES and Study Group discounts

Our 2018 indices are now ready. If you PURCHASE TODAY, the download link will contain the updated indices. 

2018 UPDATe: Hints for the 2018 Exams

The Ontario Law Exam team has reviewed the recently released 2018 materials from the LSO and we have identified the following key new/revised areas to review as you prepare for the upcoming June examinations:

Professional Responsibility:
Chapter 13 - Section 2.3 regarding advertising residential real estate services.
Chapter 14 - Section 6.4.3 regarding referral fee records.

Family Law
Chapter 49 - Sections 3.14 to 3.16 regarding motions to change a final order.
Chapter 58 - Sections 19.8 to 19.9 regarding Child Disability Benefit and Canada Child Benefit.
Chapter 62 - Section 3 regarding the new Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017.

Estate Planning
Chapter 42 – Section 4.2.6 regarding advertising on the internet.
Chapter 42 – Section 5.4.4 regarding posthumously conceived children under the new All Families Are Equal Act (Parentage and Related Registrations Statute Law Amendment), 2016.
Real Estate
Chapter 46 – Section 6.3.2 regarding assuming an existing mortgage.
Chapter 58 – Section 6.4 regarding notification of condominium closings.
Chapter 59 – Section 7.1 regarding gifts of real property to a beneficiary.

The Ontario Law Exam team is working on new updated questions to test you on these concepts!

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